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What Can I Expect in an Inpatient Treatment Program?

If you are considering inpatient treatment and want to know what to expect in an inpatient treatment program for drug abuse, the treatment is going to vary. Each facility differs in the services offered. From the intensity levels, type of therapies used, the counselors and doctors, based on each particular case and levels of abuse. There are different types of substance abuse and drug related problems, and for this reason each facility is also going to take a different approach with each patient, based on that abuse, and the type of care and treatment that is required to treat their problem personally, as opposed to a similar approach that is going to be used for each patient who walks through the doors of the rehab facility.

Each addict's treatment will vary in the philosophies used to treat the individual, the level of care, the intensity, services, and the targeted goals at the end of the treatment. Professionals staff members will initially talk to the addicts, check their medical history, and see where they are when they come in to the facility, in order to gauge what they can expect as far as progress, how long it will take to attain those goals, and what overall goals the patient might have are also taken in to consideration to determine the type of treatment and approach that will be used for each patient. So, depending on the severity of the case, the addiction, what drugs or alcohol was being used, and the individuals's past history, there is no one clear cut answer to the question of what to expect from inpatient treatment.

Depending on the facility that you choose to go to for treatment, some of the services that are offered for addicts will also differ. Some of the main services that individuals can expect, at nearly any facility they would go to include:

  • 24 hour on-site supervision;
  • trained, professional staff helping to treat the addict;
  • a strong support system from both the staff, as well as the other addicts who are also in the facility, and are working towards the same goal of getting clean when they are trying to quit their drug abuse problem.

So, depending on your ultimate goals, the way you initially come in, and other surrounding circumstances, there are many different approaches that may be chosen for each patient who comes in to an inpatient facility for treatment of alcohol or drug abuse. From factors like the type of drugs being abused, age, the level of addiction, and personal background, doctors are going to determine what the best forms of treatment are for each patient, in order to help them get clean, and help them fight the drug addictions they are dealing with.

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