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How Long Does Inpatient Treatment Last?

Going In For Treatment

Inpatient treatment is designed to provide drug addicts a controlled environment during the initial stage of recovery. While some may come from independent facilities where they were detoxed, others go straight into the rehab facility to begin treatment. Still, some rehab facilities have detox programs in place for those who may be in need of a few days of downtime- prior to participating in a set schedule.

How Long It Takes

Treatment usually takes anywhere from thirty to ninety days. This depends on the facility, insurance coverage, and what the addict needs to successfully detox and get on the right track toward recovery. However, no matter how long a treatment program may be, it is the responsibility of the drug addict to do what is asked of them, and focus on staying clean. Since treatment normally starts with detox, it may be counted towards the days which an addict has put towards their treatment plan. Again, it is not the amount of time which is put into treatment, but the way the addict responds to what is being given, or taught during their stay.

Treatment for a Month

Thirty day treatment programs usually consist of a few days for detoxification, and twenty eight or so additional days for living in a structured facility with meetings and other activities. These treatment facilities are sometimes funded by the government which means there are strict rules and regulations which must be adhered to. For some, the stay will be free, especially if they show a sincere need and desire to get clean. Otherwise, most insurance policies- including Medicaid will pay for this.

Sixty Day Treatment

Going thorough sixty days of treatment includes activities, nourishment, meetings and outside activities. It is focused on changing the lifestyle of the addict through providing proper meals, several meetings, and social activities. When addicts can enjoy themselves without getting "high", they are more likely to choose recovery over using again. Being in treatment for sixty days will take perhaps going out to cash monthly checks or going to doctor visits; this is all handled through the facility in order to ensure that all important needs are met. Some facilities may be coed in a sense. This does not mean individuals children are also able to stay with their mom at some treatment facilities. This is because staffers want the mother to learn how to adjust to everyday life and responsibilities without the use of drugs.

Spending Ninety Days Away From Home

In the past, many facilities allowed addicts to stay for ninety days, but sadly there are not as many around anymore. However, for those facilities who continue to except drug addicts who are serious about staying clean, ninety days does quite a bit of good. Over the ninety day period, addicts are able to fully adapt to a new way of living, without the use of drugs. They are usually given passes- if earned, in order to go out on certain days, after being in the facility for a determined amount of time. This not only allows them to see loved one, but they are able to test the waters to see just how effective treatment is. Upon return, all addicts are "dropped" to ensure there was no drug use, but by the time these passes are given out, the addict pretty much understands the consequences of getting high. This isn't to say they will be reprimanded, but after being clean for a certain amount of time, living life sober- they begin to realize just how beautiful life is, and the consequences which come along with picking up. Most insurance pays for this type of treatment, including Medicaid, however if a client gets "high" they will more than likely be sent home.

Treatment is a Great Way to Start

Whether an addict decides to seek help in a thirty, sixty or ninety day treatment facility, it should be noted that they are taking a big step. It takes a lot for addicts to turn away from their drug of choice, therefore any amount of clean time is a great first step toward starting a new life. Sure, the more time spent away from the streets the better, but any time at all is definitely better than none.

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